Thursday, May 13, 2010

Ring a Day, 119/365, 05.12.10

Geo Ring

Grabbed this postcard from the Pratt booth at Brooklyn Designs last week and I loved the geometry of it so i cut it up and folded it...

Ring a Day, 118/365, 05.11.10

Cat Whisker

Ring a Day, 117/365, 05.09.10

In Silver....

One of my wax rings, now realized in silver.

Ring a Day, 116/365, 05.08.10

None Left, So Sad...


Ring a Day, 115/365, 05.07.10

Rough Day

A little scotch brite...

Ring a Day, 114/365, 05.06.10

X Marks the Spot

Sadly, I have fallen a bit behind on my rings. I was really overwhelmed with a lot of things in April and the rings suffered. But now I am back on target... with a found X to mark the spot.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ring a Day, 87/365, 03.28.10

Ripples Ring

I have had this hammer for a while and been meaning to play with it.

Sterling Silver

Ring a Day, 85/365, 03.27.10

Cog Ring Wedding Set

Had to fill an order today. It was all I had time for.

Sterling Silver

Ring a Day, 84/365, 03.26.10

Lei Ring

Leftover from a Luau themed Bday Party...

Synthetic Lei

Friday, March 26, 2010

Ring a Day, 83/365, 03.25.10

My First Tiffany Diamond Ring

I was given some chocolate in a Tiffany bag for my birthday...

Paper, Rubber Cement.

Ring a Day, 82/365, 03.24.10

Day Off Rings!

My friend Amy made me birthday card rings today... the best part... it gave me the day off from making a ring! OK, maybe that is cheating, but it is my birthday, damn it!

Paper, Ink, Tape.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Ring a Day, 81/365, 03.23.10

Spinning cage ring.

I am starting to get better at making these!

Sterling silver, brass.

Ring a Day, 75-81/365, 03.16.10-03.22.10

A week of Rings

I fell really behind this last week on shooting, posting, and frankly... making. Finally trying to get back on track so I am just doing one big post today.

75/365, 03.16.10
Wax carved ring.

76/365, 03.17.10
This was supposed to be my haiku. I never finished it so now it is a ring.

77/365, 03.18.10
My lovely colleague brought me birthday chocolates from Toronto. Yum!

78/365, 03.19.10
Another bench find...

79/365, 03.20.10
Cast from a cocktail pick from Peter Luger, Brooklyn's most famous steak house.

A friend brought this back for me to make cufflinks for her husband ages ago and I had this extra one lying around.

80/365, 03.21.10
A giant oval orecchiette. Another bench find...

81/365, 03.22.10
A cog ring.