Saturday, January 2, 2010

Ring a Day 1/365

Champagne Cork Ring, 1/365, 01.01.10

To kick off 2010 I have decided to attempt to create a ring a day for the entire year. I have no idea if I can actually manage it but here goes!

The inspiration for this project dates back a couple of years ago while I attended a workshop at Haystack Mountain School in Deer Isle, Maine. I had heard a woman talk about a project involving making a ring a day for a year. I can't remember who she was but the idea stayed with me. The challenge is to make a ring a day no matter where you are, what materials are at your disposal, or how much time you have available. As someone who is relentlessly challenged by any sort of day to day routine I was intrigued. I belong to a group of metalsmiths called Etsy Metal and we do a lot of group challenges including charm swaps and mirroring the project runway challenges. However, all of these challenges involve creating something for a specific deadline. I often end up too overwhelmed to do the thing or waiting til the last minute and dropping it. I loved the idea of a ring a day because it can be as simple as a piece of string tied around your finger and could possibly force me to come up with creative solutions I never would have considered in the studio. But more importantly, it is like a gestured drawing. Something to help get the day warmed up, or even just something consistent to mark the day. It is going to be a big challenge for me, so wish me luck!

I created a group on flickr and as of today 45 people, many of whom are strangers to me, have joined the group! And so far about 26 people have posted to it! The challenge is open to jewelers and non-jewelers alike. There are already some amazing pieces on there so take a look at stay tuned for more!

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